About Textile

Laboratories take up testing of Textile items viz., fibre, yarn, fabric, garments, made-up and textile auxiliaries for testing of various physical, mechanical, chemical and ecological parameters.
The laboratories adopt test standards of BIS, ASTM, ISO, IS, BS, etc., for testing of various textile items. Based on the need, many of the customer/buyers standards are also adopted to test the textile articles.
MSME-TECHNLOGY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE has the experience for testing of various types of Fibres, Yarn, Threads, Rope, Fabric, Garment, Pile fabrics, Socks, Blankets, Filter fabrics, Non-Woven fabrics, and other textiles.

Test Facilities:

Mechanical Test:

  • Mass Per Unit Area/ Mass Per Unit Length
  • Yarn Count
  • Linear density of Yarn removed from Fabric
  • Tensile Properties of Fabric
  • Bursting Strength
  • Single Yarn Strength
  • Breaking Strength & Count Strength Product of Yarn
  • Pilling Resistance
  • Heat Shrinkage
  • Tear Strength

Chemical Test:

  • Wool fiber diameter determination
  • pH value
  • Dimensional change and Area shrinkage
  • Alkali Solubility
  • Water soluble matter
  • Fiber Analysis : Qualitative
  • Identification of textile fibers
  • Scouring Loss
  • Formaldehyde content

Colorfastness Test:

  • Light
  • Washing
  • Rubbing
  • Perspiration