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About Polymers And Rubber Testing

The technical experts at MSME-TECHNLOGY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE can perform polymer testing and analysis, including rubber and plastic testing, to answer questions about the characteristics of your material. Plastic testing and other polymer analysis will reveal information about material hardness, tensile strength, yield strength and composition.

India Plastic Testing Parameter:

  • Identification & conformation of Plastic
  • Identification & conformation of Rubber
  • Composition of Plastics, Rubbers and Polymers.
  • Tensile Strength, Elongation
  • Hardness
  • Ageing tests,
  • Polymer content,
  • Oil resistance
  • Carbon black
  • Filler analysis
  • Compression set.
  • And other various Important Test

Standards Followed:

  • Indian Standards (IS)
  • British Standards (BS)
  • International Standards (ISO)
  • American Standards (ASTM)