1. Office order No.- PPDCM/5(2)/2017-18/247 reg. GST on Commercial Training and Coaching Services

  2. GST Provisional Registration Details of PPDC, Meerut

  3. GST Rate Details for PPDC, Meerut

  4. GST Cell PPDC, Meerut

  5. Public Notice for Bid and Auction

    A. (i) List of Metrial for Auction
    A. (ii) Terms and Condition for Auction

    B. (i) List of Machinery and Equipments for Bids
    B. (ii)Terms and Condition for Bids

  6. Office Memorandum No.-PPDCM/9(8)/2016-17/578 related to promotion of Shri T.R.Bharti, Technical Officer (Leather).

  7. Office Order No.-PPDCM/5(2)/2016-2017/439 related to Revenue Receipts by Accounts/Cash Section.

  8. Office Order No.-PPDCM/5(2)/2016-2017/401 related to Revenue Receipts by Accounts/Cash Section.

  9. Office Order No.-PPDCM/5(2)/2016-2017/364 related to Shri T.R.Bharti, Technical officer (Leather).

  10. Office Order No.-PPDCM/5(2)/2016-2017/360 related to hand over the charge of Leather & Wood Workshop.

  11. Office Order No.-PPDCM/5(2)/2016-2017/356 related to Electronic Mode Payment.

  12. Public Notice No.-PPDCM/9(6)/2015-16 related to Man Power supply agency Dated 29-06-2016.

  13. Office Order (No.-PPDCM/5(2)/2016-17/202 related to Service Tax Registration.

  14. Office Order (No.-PPDCM/5(2)/2016-17/72 related to allocation of work amongst the officers & staff.

  15. Office Order (No.-PPDCM/8(17)/2016-17/52 related to appointment of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO)

  16. Employement Exchange for Industries









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